ate in 2011, an invitation arrived to travel to Port Augusta to drive a couple of Macks up a stretch of the Stuart Highway. One a Super-Liner pulling roadtrain doubles, the other a Titan towing triples.
With the Super-Liner grossing around 80 tonnes and the Titan triple at a modest 110 tonnes or thereabouts, the performance of both trucks was nothing less than outstanding at the time.
Since then, I’ve driven a number of Super-Liners but the Port Augusta exercise was the last time at the helm of a Super-Liner in roadtrain configuration.
Until now!
New 60-inch bunk
The reason for this drive is the new bunk and there’s no question that even at first glance, Mack’s new 60-inch sleeper is quick to impress.
Sure, you still have the issue of no [...]

Clem Hill : Clem Hill Carriers Port Augusta

Inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame at ReUnion 2010.
Clem Hill was born in 1920 in Port Augusta.  He enlisted in the army in 1941 and was drafted to Alice Springs as a transport driver.  He worked driving Chevrolets, Bedfords and International trucks. There were no bitumen roads.  He recalls, after the bombing of Darwin, assisting with the evacuation of women and children south. He was discharged in November 1945. Returning to Port Augusta he worked for the railways. With family commitments and the dream of his own business he started a taxi truck business in 1948. The business expanded to include general freight and furniture removals and in 1950 Clem Hill Carrying Service began initially doing three trips weekly between Port Augusta and Adelaide. The long hours away certainly made a depot in Adelaide very welcome. As demand grew so did the business requiring the employment of drivers and the purchase of more motor [...]
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