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5 things you need to know about weigh bridge accuracy

Factors including equipment mechanics, environment and vehicle affect weighing accuracy

Weight measurement firm AccuWeigh has offered advice on effective handling of weighbridges.
Weighbridges are an important tool to help transport operators and drivers ensure they are compliant with mass regulations to avoid damage to their vehicles and incurring penalties, the company says.
In Australia and New Zealand, weighbridges used for trade purposes are subjected to regular performance checks.
Earlier this year, VicRoads modified many of the self-serving weighbridges along some of the key rural freight corridors including Western Highway, Murray Valley Highway and Sturt Highway to feature external digital displays.
VicRoads says it encourages drivers to “proactively” check the weight of the vehicle and the load because it can be difficult to estimate the combined weight when carrying an unfamiliar load.
However, the accuracy of the weighbridge installation is as important as an operator’s need to follow the process.
Here, AccuWeigh outlines some of the key factors that affect the [...]

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